Evil dane
Evil Dane
Also Known As: N / A
Gender: Male
Series: Smashing Stuff
Stupid Mario Brothers
Home World: Real World
Allies: Mario (formerly)
Luigi (formerly)
Enemies: Mario
Julian Petruzzelli
Debut: Operation: Blind Storm
Conclusion: Operation: Blind Storm
Status: Alive
Portrayer: Dane Cook
"I know what the viewers want and I will make sure that we do things correctly this time."
—Evil Dane to Mario and Luigi in Operation Blind Storm

Evil Dane is a manager and the former manager for Johnny Mushroom and the Kingdoms.



Evil Dane first appeared in an episode of Smashing Stuff as Julian Petruzzelli's boss. He ordered him to smash his prized Sega Dreamcast and payed him in Nature Valley Sweet & Salty Nut bars. It is thought that when Petruzzelli quit Smashing Stuff (however, Petruzzelli later returns in Smashing Stuff Returns) he decided to become a band manager. He heard Johnny Mushroom and the Kingdoms' album and decided to become their manager.

Operation Blind StormEdit

After Mario and Luigi finish a feast of Italian food, Evil Dane shows up and offers to sign Johnny Mushroom and the Kingdoms up for a record deal after hearing their album. Mario and Luigi were hesitant at first, remembering when Scott Masterson was their manager. When Evil Dane offers them 5,000,000 coins, they agree.

Evil Dane Death Metal

Evil Dane deciding that Johnny Mushroom and the Kingdoms will do death-metal

After hearing their spoof of Owl City's "Fireflies" ("Fireballs"), Evil Dane suggest they appeal more to kids by playing a death metal song, resulting in their spoof of Drowning Pool's "Bodies" ("Let the Goombas Hit the Floor").

This is his first and last appearance since Evil Dane has split with Rich Alvarez. As a result of this, he is no longer referenced as manager and Donkey Kong still owns the rights. ("Operation: Blind Storm")


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Abilities / SkillsEdit

Evil Dane has a tendency to exploit people's material weaknesses to get what he wants, such as Julian Petruzzelli with Sweet & Salty Nut bars and Mario and Luigi with coins.


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