Sir Drake Saint Jupiter III
Drake Saint Jupiter III
Also Known As: Sir Drake Saint Jupiter III
The Dealer
The Boredom
Gender: Male
Series: Stupid Mario Brothers
Home World: Real World
Allies: Luigi
"Old Shoe"
Sophisticated Poker Player
Enemies: N / A
Debut: You Can't Read My Poker Face!
Conclusion: You Can't Read My Poker Face!
Status: Unknown
Portrayer: Douglas Orofino

Sir Drake Saint Jupiter III is the poker dealer in the poker tournament Luigi and Wario entered.


Season FourEdit

Drake entered the poker room, introduces himself, and announces that he will be the dealer for the poker game. One of the poker players insults him and Drake snaps at him. He says he wants a nice, clean game. All three rounds, he deals the cards and says the instructions for Luigi, Wario, and the poker players.

Wario ends up winning and Drake congratulates him on his $10,000. The poker player from before accuses Wario of cheating and points a gun at him, threatening to shoot and kill him. Another player points a gun at the other, proclaiming that Wario won fair and square. The two players get ready to shoot down each other. Drake tries to calm everyone down, but he flees.

Afterwards, Drake was never seen again. It is currently unknown if he survived or was killed off. ("You Can't Read My Poker Face!")

Physical DescriptionEdit

Drake always wears a tux, a blue tie and a light blue shirt. He wears glasses and has an afro haircut. He is a very tall and skinny man,because he is played by Doug Oroffino.


Drake is a very sophisticated man. He is shown to also be a coward at the end of the episode.

Abilities / SkillsEdit

Drake is very skilled with cards, being able to deal fast, shuffle in many ways and not bend a single card while doing this. He is shown to have no other abilities.



Luigi is one of the players on the poker game he hosted. He is shown not to express an opinion on Luigi, but from the expierience, he might think he is a failure at poker, since he folded every round.


Wario is one of the players on the table too. Drake congratulated him when he won, which means he must've had at least some respect for him.

"Old Shoe"Edit

Old Shoe is another player on the poker table. Drake probably does not like this man in particular, because he threatened to shoot him.

Sophisticated Poker PlayerEdit

Not much is known about the relationship between the Sophisticated Poker Player and Drake, but they have many things in common. They're both great at poker, they're both sophisticated, and they wear similar clothes.


  • His name resembles the address Drake St, Jupiter 3. This is probably not intentional, but is a fun coincidence.
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