TSVGS - Donkey Kong's Great Escape - That Stupid Video Game Show

TSVGS - Donkey Kong's Great Escape - That Stupid Video Game Show

Stupid Mario Brothers
Season Extra, Episode Extra
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Air date January 17, 2013
Written by Rich Alvarez
Directed by Rich Alvarez
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"Donkey Kong's Great Escape" is the 1st episode of That Stupid Video Game Show.


In the dark forest, a business man is explaining to his newly hired hunters about their target: Donkey Kong. He informs them that the bounty on him is about $2,000,000 and to make sure that he is taken alive. The poachers accept it since one has a personal hatred for Donkey Kong.

Later, Donkey finds a banana on the ground and approaches it carefully while the poachers wait for him to fall for their trap.
TSVGS Donkey Kong Banana

Donkey Kong about to eat the banana

When he is about to eat the banana, they tranquilize Donkey Kong.
That Stupid Video Game Show - Donkey Kong in a Cage

Donkey Kong trapped in a cage

A short while later, the poachers celebrate over finally catching Donkey Kong and they plan a party to celebrate the capture. The two split up for a bit while Donkey wakes up and escapes from the cage he was locked in. He then takes out one of the poachers and takes his clothes and proceeds to escape. The other poacher arrives back at the camp to find his partner trapped in the cage. The other poacher says that Donkey Kong knocked him out and trapped him in the cage. 

Meanwhile, as Donkey Kong is escaping, he runs into the two poachers' boss, who believes that the gorilla is one of the poachers and unwittingly lets him go. The boss returns to the camp, only to find the poachers who had now failed the mission. He proceeds to scream into the sky, angrily cursing at Donkey Kong and swearing revenge someday.




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  • One of the lines in the episode makes a reference to "Nintendo Style."


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