StMB Episode 53
Gender: Female
Series: Stupid Mario Brothers
Home World: Real World
Allies: Mario
Enemies: N / A
Debut: All Good Things...
Conclusion: All Good Things...
Status: Alive
Portrayer: Erin Henderson

Dawn is a character in Stupid Mario Brothers, first appearing in "All Good Things...", in which she finds Mario unconscious, seriously injured, and with amnesia.

She takes him in, encourages him to change his outfit and lose his accent and they become close friends. but when Mario regains his memory, he says he has to leave, and returns home.

However, before he regains his memory, Mario seems as if he was about to ask Mona something potentially intimate. She indirectly served as the catalyst for Mario to get his memories back by simply mentioning mushrooms.



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Season FourEdit

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Physical DescriptionEdit

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Abilities / SkillsEdit

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  • Dawn's "catchphrase" is giving a thumbs up and saying, "No prob!", similar to how Dawn from Pokémon says, "No need to worry." However, it has been confirmed by Rich Alvarez and Kevin Chamberlain that this isn't Dawn from Pokemon. Dawn only appears once and isn't seen again after this episode.
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