Peach deflecting Nox Decious's Dark Magic.

Dark Magic is, as the name implies, a form of magic used by evils such as Nox Decious. He typically launches balls of energy. They dissipate when they make contact with anything, hurting whoever they touch. Link used the Master Sword to knock it back at him, but Nox Decious could use his hands to reflect it. They continued to ricochet it back and forth. As it picked up speed, it eventually hit Link and knocked him out. Peach used her umbrella as a shield, but she moved the umbrella and was taken out by another ball of energy. Nox Decious has many forms of dark magic, which could be either white or black in color, it could also be misty red and black, he could also generate electricity and combine it with his dark energy balls. If Decious charged his dark magic enough, he could severely injure or even kill his enemies.
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