Dark Forest
Located: Near an abandoned castle
First Appearance: And then there was Nox Decious

The dark forest is a sinister forest where evil forces tend to dwell. There is a clearing which contains an abandoned castle. It is where Mario, Luigi, and their best friends encounter Nox Decious for the first time and where Mario ultimately fights Mr. L.



Tristan vs. Decious 03

Tristian battling Nox Decious

1,000 years ago, Arthur's knight Sir Tristian fought Nox Decious in this very spot. The castle was in ruins then as well, so it is unknown when it was still functioning as a castle. Thousands of years ago, the castle belonged to Merlin and Nox Decious, but once he had turned evil, Decious has destroyed the castle leaving it nothing more than a mere wall.

Season 2Edit

Mario, Luigi, Peach, Link, Ash, Donkey Kong and Brock travel to the abandoned castle in order to face Decious (though Ash ditches the group to catch "Chicken Pokemon"). Decious arrives the face them, but despite their best efforts, he easily overpowers the group. Before departing, Decious mocks Mario and declares that Bowser and Ganondorf bow to him, not vica-versa as Mario and his friends had previously thought. It later transpires in Season Five that both Decious and Bowser are in Ganondorf's service, and Decious' claim to the contrary was a lie he told in an attempt to demoralize Mario.

The MovieEdit

Picture 1 11-25-14

Mario battling Mr. L

In "Act II Part 4," Mario confronts Mr. L here, ultimately freeing him of Nox Decious' control.

Season FiveEdit

League 02

The Legion of Villains at their base

Ganon took control of the dark forest and made it his army's headquarters. It is also Ganon's place of death.

The Plumber Knight ReturnsEdit

Mario and Denise visit the castle on the search for the Blue Hood, Mario explains how the wall was a great castle. When Mario was young he was told a detail from a story, Denise asked what it was, but then they were confronted by the blue hood.

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