Dane Kevin Cook

Dane Kevin Cook (born 1992) was the lead cinematographer and an actor for Stupid Mario Brothers, and the owner and founder of his own successful YouTube channel, Randumb Productions.

He has played a handful of characters in the Stupid Mario Brothers continuity, but his main role was as Ash Ketchum. After Dane asked Rich Alvarez to play a different role, he created the character of Steven Bauer.

Due to reasons that Dane called "Creative differences" he and Richard have split, meaning Richalvarez and RandumbProd are no longer affiliated, which in turn meant that he would no longer appear in any Richalvarez (and related channels) videos, Stupid Mario Brothers included.

A more detailed explanation was finally told from Dane Cook's perspective.

Dane and Austin Stevenson have started their own YouTube show called Whatever We Want.

Dane has a YouTube channel based on the videogame Team Fortress 2 named Uncle Dane.  It has grown to 459.232 subscribers as of 15/08/2019. He has also been on Zackscottgames and worked with iDubbbzTV multiple times.

Recently, a youtuber by the name of Mumkey Jones released a documentary on Stupid Mario Bros and at the 24:00 mark, an updated explanation as to why Dane left is given.

What Dane Says in Stupid Mario Brothers F.A.Q.Edit

  1. Q: Where's Ash now?
    Dane: I'm right here.
  2. Q: What do you do in your spare time?
    Dane: I enjoy throwing cans of crushed pineapple at old ladies.
  3. Q: Will anyone get any new powers or weapons?
    Richie: I'm not telling.
    (heard in background) Dane: Jerk!
  4. Q: Will Ash do anything useful for once besides acting like a moron and doing nothing?
    Dane: I will, and I'll do something called "catching a Pokemon".
  5. Q: Will Ash be in any more videos?
    Dane: I'm Ash and I'm in this video.....I guess.


Cook has played the roles of:


  • Cook is commonly referred to as "Wacky Dane" by the cast, an apparent reference to a short video made by him.
  • Cook did very little acting during Season Two, as most of the entire cast was needed for their respective roles.
  • He edited Let the Goombas Hit the Floor, as well as other videos (including I lost 50 lbs on a Pokewalker) instead of Rich Alvarez himself.
  • In real life, Jackie Thompson, who portrays Daisy, is Cook's ex-girlfriend.
  • Originally, Alvarez gave Cook the choice to play as either Ash or Ness. Dane chose Ash because he liked Pokemon.
  • Like most actors of RMA Productions, Dane played both a protagonist and an antagonist.
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