Dance Critic
Gender: Female
Series: Stupid Mario Brothers
Home World: Real World
Enemies: Mario
Debut: Real Jobs Suck
Conclusion: Act I Part 1
Status: Alive
Portrayer: Christine Alvarez
"That was suck!"
—The critic on Mario and Luigi's dancing abilities.

The Dance Critic is a woman who works with dancers.


Season OneEdit

As Mario and Luigi are walking down the street in their search for jobs, the dance critic notices them and stops them. She then proceeds to test them in a variety of odd tasks before calling them as "perfect." She then has then dance, and the Mario brothers do so, but she criticizes them afterward for not dancing properly and sends them on their way. ("Real Jobs Suck")

The MovieEdit

Mario, Luigi, Wario, and Waluigi are dancing when the critic suddenly appears. Remembering their previous encounter, Mario and Luigi both shout in disapproval, "NOT YOU!". The dance critic then says she remembers them and their "terrible dancing" and says they have yet to improve. She continues to critique them, saying their clothes and shoes are unfit for dancing. Mario tells the critic they were dancing for fun, but she states that dancing isn't for fun and that it is an art (with the exception of line dancing, though Wario likes it)

Finally, the dance critic ends by telling Mario, Luigi, Wario, and Waluigi that, "The next time I see you you better of gained some serious skill, or I'll be very very angry and slap you all in the face twice, each!"; with that she leaves. ("Act I Part 1")


At first, the dance critic came off as a very kind person. She knows what she wants and is quick to go for it. However, after seeing Mario and Luigi dance horribly, the critic becomes enraged and orders the duo to leave.

The critic cares a great deal about her profession and isn't afraid to give criticism where needed.

Abilities / SkillsEdit

The dance critic can dance, although her dancing is never shown.


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