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Gender: Female
Series: Super Mario Brothers
Home World: Sarassaland Castle
Allies: Mario
Enemies: Bowser
Debut: Act I Part 1
Conclusion: Stupid Mario Brothers: Legacy
Status: Active
Portrayer: Jackie Alvarez

Princess Daisy is the tritagonist of Stupid Mario World. She is Luigi's ex-girlfriend and Mario's girlfriend and future wife.



Daisy is the princess of Sarasaland and she is a very good friend of Peach. Mario saved her from Tatanga in Super Mario Land as Wario took over his castle when he was not there.

Season ThreeEdit

Before the battle with Wario, Luigi wrote a letter to Daisy. He told her he is sorry for not writing lately, the current situation, and that, in case they do not live by the end of the battle, he wishes that things could have worked between them. ("The Zero Hour") It is unknown if Daisy ever received the letter.

The MovieEdit


Daisy, as she appears in the film

Daisy first came to the real world while she was looking for Luigi, who hadn't been to the Mushroom Kingdom for a very long time. Eventually, she found him at Mario's House, mad at him for leaving her in the Mushroom Kingdom and that they hadn't told her they were on vacation. Luigi tried to apologize, but failed. Luigi, along with Mario, then sang her a song to win her back (the song was "You Toss Me Right Round" a parody of "You Spin Me Right Round"), and Daisy forgives him.

Later, Daisy makes short cameos as we see her host the Twister game at Mario's House, win the bike race, join the Mario Brothers on the double date, play on Mario and Luigi's football team, and dance in the Good Video Games Music Video.

Operation: Blind StormEdit

Daisy makes a quick cameo where she appears in Mario's House forcing Mario and Luigi to clean up the mess they made from eating Italian food, thus giving her closure to the series and supposedly breaking up with Luigi.

Stupid Mario WorldEdit

Daisy returns as the tritagonist of Stupid Mario World.

She makes her first appearance in Episode 3 where she moves into Mario's house after Peach and her friends started talking about her behind her back. It is revealed that she and Luigi broke up before the series when she said "This does not mean we're back together". After winning a Mario Kart match against Luigi she gets the room upstairs which cause the poor Luigi to suffer at the couch. She and Mario also from a very close bond with each other even stronger than her bond with Luigi. In Episode 10 she bakes a delicious cake that Mario says is much better than the cake Peach made.


She has the personality of a strong person who stand up for themselves though not seen until the movie she can be very caring.


According to Jax in Stupid Mario World - Episode 11 - Commentary, Daisy has Fourth-wall breaking powers and good baking skills


Mario forms a close bond with Daisy, as this is because Daisy's actor, Jackie Alvarez, is actually Rich Alvarez's wife.

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