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Daen Olson (born April 7, 1990) is an American actor in Stupid Mario Brothers.

He was a prominent member of Randumb Productions until he moved away.

In Stupid Mario Brothers, Olson he played 2 roles in the film and appeared in only two installments but he more recently reappeared in Season Four and Season Five. He also did the music for the song "Mario's Princess is in Another Castle."

As of July 2012, he, along with Julian Petruzzelli and Austin Stevenson, have moved to San Diego and are no longer affiliated with RMA Productions. However, Olson briefly made a cameo appearance in a new YouTube News episode as Professor Oak.

Olson and Stevenson made a spin-off titled Stupid Pokemon Friends, which got cancelled due to tension between Austin's Playhouse (Stevenson's channel) and Richalvarez.


Olson currently plays the roles of:


  • Olson is also in a band, where he sings, plays guitar, and writes lyrics. He has also done music for Stupid Mario Brothers, most significantly Season Five.
  • Olson is often characterized as being frequently angry and has sworn in the bloopers likely more than any of the other actors.
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