Crazy Fan
Gender: Female
Series: Stupid Mario Brothers
Home World: Real World
Allies: Ash Ketchum
Enemies: Mario
Debut: Something Crazy This Way Comes
Conclusion: Blood Money
Status: Crystal Ong

The Crazy-obsessed-make-you-unable-to-sleep-at-night Stalker Fan is an obsessed fan of Mario and Luigi. In Season Three, she stole their hats and sold them on eBay; the buyer ended up being Ash Ketchum.


Season ThreeEdit

While searching for Waluigi and Walgina, Mario and Luigi spot the girl on a swing. Luigi could tell she was an obsessive fan of them as she was wearing a "Let's get hammered" Mario T-shirt and points this out to his brother. The brothers tried to hide until they got into an argument about who stepped on each others' foot, then their cover was blown and the Crazy Fan found them. She chased them all around the place until they lost her. Just as Mario and Luigi think she is gone, they start to leave when they bump into the fan. Immediately, she takes their hats and runs off. They later see UPS who is delivering a package (which contains the hats which the brothers don't know). UPS tells them where the fan's house is. They arrive and the fan says she's just sold them on eBay for a fortune. Mario asks who the buyer was and the crazy fan says that the buyer's name was "I_Gotta_catch_'em_all" and Mario knew who it was. Ash, who had just received the hats, was playing around wearing them. The heroes later got them off Ash and wore them again. ("Something Crazy This Way Comes"), ("Blood Money")


She is very much obsessed with Mario and Luigi and wears anything related to them. During the encounter with Mario and Luigi in the park, she appeared to be driven by obsession and would stop at nothing to take the Mario Brothers' hats. After she sold them, she acted very smug and pompous towards the hatless heroes.


  • In one installment of Kevin Chamberlain 's Chamberlain Court, someone tried to ask him for any information regarding her identity, but it remained unknown for the meantime. However, Kevin said that he may answer the question later if he knows.
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