Located: Mario's House
Residents: Mario and Luigi
First Appearance: A Tale of Two Brothers

The couch is used throughout the series as a piece the furniture located in Mario's living room in his house that is used by the heroes for gaming, watching movies, training, and relaxation.

Mario and Luigi use the couch to play their Wii, Xbox 360, or sit back and enjoy a decent film, such as The Lord of the Rings. Link also uses the couch when training the Mario Brothers in the art of the combat by playing Super Smash Brothers Brawl. As well, when the couch isn't being used by Mario and Luigi, Ash and Brock use it to battle, train, and catch Pokémon.


Ep21 (1)

Mario, Luigi, and Link playing video games on the couch

The couch made its first appearance in "A Tale of Two Brothers." In the episode, Mario and Luigi play a heated match of Wii Tennis, but they soon get into an argument over Mario's arrogance and gloating that he won that has them parting ways. Eventually, they apologized and reconciled in the next episode.

Since then, the couch has appeared repeatedly.


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