Canadian 2
Gender: Male
Series: Stupid Mario Brothers
Home World: Real World
Allies: Mario
Debut: Christmas
Conclusion: Christmas
Status: Alive
Portrayer: Matthew Thomas Provencal
"Maybe Christian Bale sent me his left foot! Or maybe, my grandmother sent me a cheap squash, from, California!"
—The Canadian guessing the contents of his accidentally-received Christmas presents

The Canadian is a minor character who only appeared in "Christmas."



When Mario and Luigi send their presents UPS first class, a new package delivery man named Francis sends them to the wrong address in Canada instead of California, a Canadian receives them. UPS tells Francis to get the packages back and take them to the right address.

Meanwhile, the Canadian has the two presents at the table, trying to figure out what's inside them. Just before he decides to open them, Francis comes and knocks at the door at his house. He goes to the door with his presents, then Francis tells him he has the wrong presents. The Canadian doesn't understand what he is saying, so Francis just takes the presents off him and runs away. The Canadian shouts for him to come back, but he is already gone. Then the Canadian wonders if Whose Line is on TV and goes in, forgetting about the presents.


The Canadian is somewhat slow and dim-witted. He talks in a very strange voice and always seems to be smiling.

Abilities / SkillsEdit

Coming soon!


  • The Canadian closely resembles a typical Canadian character from South Park. He has similar speech mannerisms and even mentions the show while guessing the content of "his" packages, expressing a negative opinion on the show's fourth season by exclaiming, "Season 4 sucks!".
  • Some Canadians have found the stereotypical Canadian quite insulting, but acclaimed the spin-off.
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