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Gender: Male
Series: Pokémon
Stupid Mario Brothers
Stupid Pokémon Friends
That Stupid Video Game Show
Home World: Kanto
Allies: Mario
Donkey Kong
Ash Ketchum
Solid Snake
Professor Oak
The Darkness
Enemies: Ganondorf
Nox Decious
The Darkness (formerly)
Scott Masterson
Tommy Vercetti
Blaire Vherestorm
Liquid Snake
Debut: Link's Letter is full of Holes!
Conclusion: The Super Mario Brothers
Status: Alive
Portrayer: Austin Stevenson

Brock is a Pokémon breeder and gym leader. He is Ash Ketchum's best friend.

Brock came to the Real World to catch Pokémon with Ash. Soon, he became the manager of Johnny Mushroom and the Kingdoms with Donkey Kong so that he and Ash could end Scott Masterson's ownership of the band. Brock was present for the first battle with Nox Decious, though he was completely useless in the battle. He also assisted in finding the Nether Shield, which would be used to assemble the Nether Saber and defeat Decious and the other villains.



In a letter from Pikachu to Ash, Pikachu explains that, amidst the chaos going on at their house, Brock was smashed by a Snorlax and supposedly killed. ("It came from Ash's Toilet")

Season TwoEdit

After battling Wario and Waluigi, Brock appears on the battlefield and scolds Ash for listening to his letter that he received from Pikachu that claimed he was dead, stating that he was actually hospitalized. After receiving a faulty package from FedEx, Brock joined Ash as they showed Mario and Luigi to Ash's warp pipe.

After collecting some more Pokemon, Brock got hungry and went to Taco Bell where he met up with Princess Peach. The duo traveled back to Mario's backyard, where Brock volunteered to ref for Mario and Luigi's soccer game against Wario and Waluigi.

On the soccer field, Brock teams up with Donkey Kong to referee the match. After stumbling around the field for a majority of the game, Brock calls Wario on breaking the rules. Wario gets a yellow card for touching the ball with his hands and Waluigi gets a yellow card because Brock hates purple. Later, Wario gets a red card for talking back to the referee and Waluigi gets one because Brock hates him.

Soon, Donkey Kong and Brock buy the rights to Johnny Mushroom and the Kingdoms.

And You Can Have Our Balls!

Ash and Brock offering their assistance in defeating Nox Decious

Ash and Brock join Mario on their quest to find and defeat Nox Decious. When the gang arrived at the dark forest, they all stared at Decious in fear, except for a smiling Brock as he cannot see very well. He was easily defeated by his own Pokéball being thrown back at him by Decious. ("And then there was Nox Decious")


Brock finding the Nether Shield

After Ness explains about the Nether Emblems to everyone, he splits everyone into teams and assigns Donkey Kong and Brock to locate the Nether Shield. Using his "spidey senses", Brock leads Donkey to an area opposite the direction of the Orchard.

Peach and Brock searching for the Nether Emblems

Once there, Brock takes out his banana and Donkey steals it from him. Brock immediately chases the gorilla deeper into the Orchard, where he corners the gorilla. Donkey spots the Nether Shield and he and Brock bring it back to the campfire, where they give it to Mario.

Season ThreeEdit

Brock helps Luigi and Ash carry a beaten Mario to his house to recover.

He refs the basketball game between Mario and Luigi and Ash and Solid Snake. ("Basketball Diaries")

Brock wants to catch water Pokémon, so he decides to hang out with the Mario Brothers instead. When Luigi questions where Ash is, Brock tells him that he got a job at the grocery store. Luigi wonders if Ash has given up on Pokémon collecting, but Brock says he hasn't and decides to go to the store to make Ash quit. Later, Brock is seen next to Mario and Luigi, playing Pokémon Diamond and is very happy since he managed to catch all the Pokémon in the game. However, Mario and Luigi remind Brock that Pokémon Platinum is coming out soon and that he'll have to catch all the Pokémon all over again. Extremely frustrated by this, Brock grunts and screams out in anger, "CRAAAAAAAAAAAAP!!!".

Later, Brock is once again at Mario's house hanging out with Ash when they suddenly hear Wario scream.

Brock Letter

Mario and Luigi receiving a letter saying that Brock won't return

Mario and Luigi go to their mailbox to see if they have any letters and discover a letter in their mailbox from Brock. In the letter, Brock reveals to Mario and Luigi that he got a scholarship to the San Francisco School of Basketball and Soccer Reffing. He also reveals that he'll probably never be seen again — or at least at the current moment.

At Gary's house, Ash gets a call from Brock, who tells him that he is coming back for the summer; however, he was really trying to tell Ash that he was already there. Brock tells Ash he wants to play Pokemon Platinum, but Ash reveals that he played the copy of the game that Brock paid for and broke it. He yells at Ash, who then suggests they go catch some Magikarp. Brock agrees and they leave Gary's house.

The MovieEdit


Brock, as he appears in the film

Brock is first seen dancing to the Pokémon theme song with Ash and is eventually shoved to the ground by Gary since he wants to be in the spotlight. Later, Brock beats Gary in the Pokémon card game, stating that he has beaten Gary in every form of Pokémon merchandise.

Afterwards, Brock is at Mario's house playing Twister. He and Ash mistake King Bowser for a Pokémon. After Ash fails to capture Bowser using Pikachu, they become bored and leave.

During the football game, Brock and Gary have an argument over the referee position. They eventually ref the game together while still fighting.

After the game, Ash tells Brock he has captured all the Pokémon. Brock doesn't believe him and takes a look at Ash's Pokédex. Brock reveals to Ash more than half of his Pokédex is missing. Gary appears and announces to Ash and Brock that he will hang out with them to make himself look cooler. Brock asks Gary to name some of his friends, but he can't respond. Ash and Brock then start teasing Gary that his grandfather is his only friend. Professor Oak appears and asks them why are they picking on Gary, Ash tries to tell him that Gary is an idiot, annoying, and smells. However, Professor Oak doesn't believe him. All of a sudden, an evil lawn mower appears. Brock and the others then run away in fear; however, Brock, due to his lack of sight, runs in a different direction than the others, but he is shortly followed by Ash.

Brock also appears in the "Good Video Games" music video.

When Ash asks Wario if he'll catch Pokémon with him, Wario asks him to get Brock to help him out. In response, Ash reveals that Brock went back to his referee camp in San Francisco. ("Act II Part 2")

Later, Ash is sitting on his porch, completely bored as he has captured all 493 Pokémon and has nobody to share them with. Then Brock's voice replies, "You don't share Pokémon, you trade them!". Ash excitedly asks Brock what he is doing back from referee camp. Brock replies that school is for Slowpokes and he'd rather come back and do what he does best. After Ash guesses several things that Brock is good at, including "flirting with girls" and "being blind", Brock corrects him by answering, "Catching Pokémon with my best friend!", whom he then says is Gary. Ash starts to cry, but Brock comforts Ash and tells him that he was only joking. The duo proceed to head off together to prepare for the next generation of Pokémon. ("Act II Part 6")

Season FourEdit

It was revealed in Richie's Life in the Fat Lane that Austin Stevenson returned from San Francisco to film his scenes as Brock in Season Four.

Brock and Gary continue to fight as usual, but this time, they fight over Donkey Kong's friendship. Later on, they find out from Mario that they lost their powers and proceed to use grass and rocks as weapons. ("Poke-Drawls") His and Gary's Pokéballs later get stolen (by the Mario Bros for the Mafia) ("The Case Of The Stolen Junk") but are given back with the blame pinned on Ash, whom everyone swears to never to speak to again. ("A Huge Payne")

Ep 51

Brock and Gary arguing

He and Gary begin to a have a fight over which one of them sucks the most. With the suggestion of Ness they visit Professor Oak's house so he can determine who sucks more; however, he makes them do chores like washing and waxing the car, which he claims are tasks that will help him determine who sucks more. He later accuses the Professor of taking advantage of them but he claims it would be against child labor laws which silences him. He and Gary end up stealing lunch money for the professor (about $16.50). Professor Oak then reveals the final task to determine who sucks more, which is waxing his back something which disgusts him and Gary. Later on, he and Gary are covered in band aids, having fixed Professor Oak's plumbing, hooked up his cable TV, mowed his lawn with a pair of scissors, and tried to steal honey from 20 beehives without being stung (which they failed). Professor Oak then tells them to make him a years supply of sushi with their hands tied behind their backs, much to their disappointment.

Some time later, Professor Oak gives them their final task, which is to find a purple vase. They find it under his bed, and he gives them his verdict: They both suck equally because they never resisted to do any of his tests. Hearing this, Brock and Gary begin arguing who hates each other more, and turn to Professor Oak on the matter. Professor Oak sees this as a great opportunity to exploit the boys even further. ("Plumbers and Ninjas and Snakes OH MY!")

Season FiveEdit

Brock and Gary help Solid Snake battle a pair of ninjas while Snake fights Tommy Vercetti. Brock later gets into a race with Gary to see who can get back to the base which ends in Brock losing. He is later shocked over Solid Snake's death, but is relieved when he is alive (although he was disappointed on not being able to see his stealth tactics). {{storylink|

Gary Brock and Mario at Oak's

Mario, Brock, and Gary come to Professor Oak for help

Brock and Gary later accompany Mario on his trip to Professor Oak's, where Brock unsubtly calls Mario fat. He then throws a nail out of the car window, causing them to get a flat tire.


Brock comforts UPS at Qualcomm Stadium

When they arrive, they find out that Oak didn't take the flash drive from UPS and they have to go find him. Brock searches Qualcomm Stadium, where he finds UPS, led there by the fact that UPS used to own part of the stadium. He finds out from UPS that he used to play football and was drafted by the NFL before he got hit by a FedEx truck and broke his arm, rendering him incapable of playing football, resulting in his choice to oppose FedEx by joining UPS. UPS gives Brock the flash drive and wishes them good luck. Brock tells UPS to keep his hopes up and leaves to bring the flash drive to Oak, resulting in them learning how to defeat Ganon.

He then arrives at Hyrule with Mario and Gary which they start asking people where Link could be. When they find the Master Sword, Brock is unable to pull it out either. He then goes back with Gary to the base to meet with Luigi, telling him that Mario was delayed.

While Wario and Captain Morgan's Pirates are fighting Zubashi and his Ninjas, Brock and Gary find Ness and see what is going on. Ness tells them to find Mona quick.


Brock and Gary tossing a Pokéball

In the ending montage, Brock and Gary are seen tossing a Pokéball at each other, seemingly genuine friends now. Brock also serves as the preacher during Donkey Kong and Pauline's wedding.

Stupid Pokemon FriendsEdit


Brock, as he appears in Stupid Pokemon Friends

Brock is the main protagonist of Stupid Pokemon Friends. He is first seen wandering around a forest, searching for Pokemon, when he is stopped by Officer Jenny, telling him that he cannot hurt Pokemon in the Safari Zone and that he didn't pay the fine to enter. Brock attempts to defend himself, but Jenny calls over Professor Oak, who reminds him that he can't harm the Pokemon. Brock questions how he can catch one if he cannot harm it, though the professor reminds him that he is a gym leader, and that it should be easy. Brock states that he was until Officer Jenny, "the love of [his] life," turned him down. Oak states that he is in love with someone "every week," but Brock changes the subject by stating he is hungry. The professor questions why he can't just eat Pokemon food, though Brock states that he ate it. The two then leave, but after Brock is rejected by Jenny again.

Brock and Professor Oak head to a Japanese restaurant for lunch. During this time, Oak asks what he is doing. Brock explains that "the show ended", and that all he does now is catch Pokemon, that he needs to "catch 'em all". When Oak asks why, Brock states that he has "an addiction," then exclaims that he needs to use the restroom. When asked why he can't use the one at the restaurant, Brock explains that it is nasty, so Oak opts for him to use his, but he first needs to go to the store to buy more toilet paper.

At the store, the two buy several packages of toilet paper. When Brock asks how he can pay the professor back for this, Oak opts for Brock to teach him how to get girls. After they walk out of the store with "enough toilet paper to last a lifetime," they encounter a girl riding a bicycle that they both think is attractive. Brock asks who it is, and Professor Oak explains that she is the new Pokemon trainer around. Brock tells the professor to ask her out, and he is reluctant at first, but after giving him a terrible song idea, Brock tells him to simply talk to her. ("Spin Off, Shin Off") It is unknown what happens next, however, as the series was cancelled after the premiere of the first episode.

That Stupid Video Game ShowEdit

Brock appears in the sequel series.

In "Gamer Love Show Ft. Lara Croft," he is one of the contestants of Find Love.


Brock is usually very stubborn, and can get angry very easily. There are many times where he will act like he is the boss of others, usually doing this when hanging out with Ash. However, Brock is very loyal to his friends, and is willing to help out whenever he can.


Brock is a Pokémon trainer, and can catch and hunt for Pokémon. He can also throw Pokeballs at enemies, although that usually doesn't work. He also claims to have "spidey senses," supposedly allowing him to sense things to make up for his lack of sight.


  • Brock's hair isn't fake, but is very real. Between his closure in "Act II Part 2" and cameo appearance in "Act II Part 6" of the film, he got a haircut.
  • In real life, Brock's actor Austin Stevenson really did move to San Francisco.
  • Brock's eyes are always closed, considering that Brock's eyes from the Pokémon franchise are never shown and are always covered by his eyelids. Later, it became a blooper when in Episode 62's bloopers, Stevenson had his eyes closed while playing King Bowser. Also, when Mario and Talon were talking to each other in Episode 71 about Link, Brock has his eyes wide open between 6:45 - 6:58.
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