Bowser's Hideout
Bowser's Hideout (2)


Under the Railroad Tracks

First Appearance

Wario has another Bad Day

"When Bowser visits this world he stays here, under the Railroad tracks." - Johnny Cyclops in Episode 27

Bowser's Hideout is where Bowser stays when he is warped into the real world by Nox Decious. It is a sinister cave located under the railroad tracks. The only ones that know of it's location are Wario, Johnny Cyclops, and Kamek.



Bowser's Hideout

Wario confronting his soon-to-be ex-master

When Nox Decious was plotting to rule the world, he created a portal in the cave underneath the railroad tracks so that Bowser, as well as his Koopa minions, could transport from The Mushroom Kingdom to The Real World with ease.

Wario chats with his MasterEdit

Bowser's Den is first seen when Wario informs Bowser of his loss in his latest fight with Mario. Bowser is enraged and fires Wario. Upset by his unemployment, Wario leaves.

The Quest for the HiltEdit

Bowser's Hideout (3)

Link, Ness, and Johnny Cyclops retrieving the Hilt

Johnny Cyclops takes Link and Ness to Bowser's Hideout when they are searching for the Hilt, the second of the Nether Emblems. Bowser is not in the cave at the time so Link easily retrieved the Hilt from inside.

The MovieEdit


Bowser turned human in his Hideout

After the defeat of Decious, Bowser remained in the Mushroom Kingdom until he found a way to stop the Mario Brothers in the Real World. Once Kamek perfected a spell that can make Koopas appear human, Bowser came out ready to get the Mario Bros. Later on in Act II Part 2, Bowser and Kamek leave the Real World after unsuccessfully fighting Mario and Luigi going through a portal in the hideout.

Operation: Blind StormEdit

In Operation: Blind Storm Mario, Luigi, Wario, Solid Snake and Ness arrive at the hideout it apparently containing an Energy Source which Snake ends up destroying resulting in all characters losing their powers in the real world.

Season Five Edit

Bowser once again emerges from his hideout in a new human form conjured by Kamek, which he requested to be taller so he could tower over the Mario Brothers. Kamek remains here for the entire season, until Bowser returns following Ganondorf's defeat and the two return to the Mushroom Kingdom.

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