Bloopers are mistakes or mishaps the actors make / do while performing, which includes forgetting their lines or acting goofy.

From Seasons One-Three, the majority of the episodes' bloopers were seen at the end of each corresponding episode. From "The Movie Act II" up to Season Five, the bloopers were released as seperate videos, usually a few days after the release of the corresponding episode. In the blooper segments, several inside jokes were created. Some of them include twenty dollars, I roll with gangs, and from Mona. Below is a list of the bloopers.

Episode 50 Edit

Brr brr brrr

Mario: Sorry Snake, I only - (gibberish)

Mario: I joined the Mafia and everything! I did it all, I swears!

'Wario': Don't worry, bully, we'll give you all of the winnings. (Mario: You're Irish?)

Dealer: Mev-sa-wah. (laughs)

Dealer: Mev-sa-wah-van-dins.

Dealer #2: (deals card) Whoops.

Blaire: Garbage. I fold. (throws cards and laughs)

Dealer: Temper, temper. It's just a game....(Mat: "Afterall)....afterall.

Darknes: (goes to grabs cards, but his gloves won't allow him to) S**t. (the same blooper occurs afterwards)

Mat: Action! (Dealer #2 is playing with his cards, and then realizes it was filming)

Dealer: Be a good sport, mya friend. Mya friend?

Matt: Kevin, put your head back on. (Kevin: Sorry)

Mario: It's a funny story. I was just on the phone, and, uh...(laughs)

Episode 51Edit

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