Bloopers are mistakes or mishaps the actors make while performing, which includes forgetting their lines or acting goofy.

From Seasons One-Three of Stupid Mario Brothers, the majority of the episodes' bloopers were seen at the end of each corresponding episode. From "The Movie Act II" up to Season Five, the bloopers were released as separate videos, usually a few days after the release of the corresponding episode. In the blooper segments, several inside jokes were created. Some of them include twenty dollars, I roll with gangs, and from Mona. Below is a list of the bloopers.

Season 1 Edit

Episode 1 Edit

Rich Alvarez: I hope we don't get-a the same old crap we get everyday!

(Mario and Luigi begin skipping down the road. Mario is trying to open the envelope for Bowser's first letter, but fails.)

Rich Alvarez: It's just a stupid letter from Bowser-- wait, I already said that.

Rich Alvarez: Let's go look for some su-- (Laughs)

Chris Muller: Duck Hunt! (begins making gun sounds and making his hand into a gun-shape and aiming at birds flying in the sky)

Matt Provencal: He we go, action now! (Mario and Luigi skip down the road, but jump too many times.)

(Mario and Luigi are dancing.)

Matt Provencal: Have a rotten day, asshole! WEEHHH! (Makes faces)

Matt Provencal(With camera)I roll with gangs! Mweheheh!

Matt Provencal: And now you'll come back to the Mushroom Kingdom with me....right now.

Rich Alvarez: You know this is a-- (Laughs)

Rich Alvarez: You know there's a Hero of Time for only 12 bocks - bucks.

Rich Alvarez: He's not doing anything! Why not get himto do it for a change?! (Grabs Wario and he makes faces)

Matt Provencal: Weh heh heh! Sonic is past his prime! And f*ck with the rest!

Matt Provencal: WEHHH! (laughs)

Episode 5 Edit

[After the episode, a short blooper/bonus plays. Mario and the others dance to a Four Seasons song.

Mario: ♫Let's hang on, to what we got! Dah dah dah dah dah dah dah dah! Got a lot-a love between us! Hang on, hang on, hang on, what we got! Doo doo! Doo doo! Doo doo!♫

Episode 6 Edit

[The crew repeatedly attempts to hit Ash's head with the Pokéball, failing several times]

Dane Cook: Shit, I can't stop laughing.

[After one failed take, the crew begins laughing. Doug Orofino is briefly seen holding the script. Another take fails.]

Chris Muller: Ah crap!

Matt Provencal: That was horrible!

[Several more takes fail. Dane chuckles again]

Rich Alvarez: Oh, the hand was there. Sorry, I saw-

[Another take fails. Dane continues to crack up]

Dane Cook: Fuck!

[Chris misses another throw]

Chris Muller: Damn-

Episode 7 Edit

Rich Alvarez: So, impress me in the next ten s- [laughs]

Rich Alvarez: So, impress me in the next ten seconds or get the- [laughs]

Chris Muller: And, and w-

Dane Cook: Oh, I, brought my PokéFlute, here.

[Dane pulls out the flute, the crew breaks out laughing]

Dane Cook: Shut up, it's-

[Dane plays the flute, the crew laughs again]

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Episode 50 Edit

Brr brr brrr

Mario: Sorry Snake, I only - (gibberish)

Mario: I joined the Mafia and everything! I did it all, I swears!

Wario: Don't worry, bully, we'll give you all of the winnings. (Mario: You're Irish?)

Dealer: Mev-sa-wah. (laughs)

Dealer: Mev-sa-wah-van-dins.

Dealer #2: (deals card) Whoops.

Blaire: Garbage. I fold. (throws cards and laughs)

Dealer: Temper, temper. It's just a game....(Mat: "Afterall)....afterall.

Darkness: (goes to grabs cards, but his gloves won't allow him to) S**t. (the same blooper occurs afterwards)

Mat: Action! (Dealer #2 is playing with his cards, and then realizes it was filming)

Dealer: Be a good sport, mya friend. Mya friend?

Matt: Kevin, put your head back on. (Kevin: Sorry)

Mario: It's a funny story. I was just on the phone, and, uh...(laughs)

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