Black Widow Blade
Black Widow


Nox Decious
The Darkness

First Appearance

"Old Friends, New Enemies"

"Do not underestimate the Black Widow Blade. It pulses evil and glows black no matter who's wielding it."
Merlin to Mario in "Act II Part 3"

The Black Widow Blade is Nox Decious' grand saber.


Nox Decious named the Black Widow Blade after its black and red glow. No matter who wields it, it generates pure evil, constantly retaining its black core.

Ep30 (2)

Decious battling Mario with a replica of the blade

When Mario stood against his plans for global conquest, Decious did not think he would be worth the wear and tear, so he created a duplicate saber which was substantially weaker for when Mario fought him. The copy was destroyed in the resulting battle. Decious hid the real beam sword in the Orchard, intending to use it to land the final bow against Mario. Unfortunately for Decious, he was killed by Wario with the Nether Saber before he could do so. It was taken from the Orchard by the Darkness and remained with him until "Act II Part 3" of the film after Wario supposedly killed him and took it from him.

Fire Mario using the Black Widow Blade to battle Mr. L

He then gave Mario the Black Widow Blade in "Act II Part 4" for him to use in his battle with Mr. L. It is unknown what happened to the blade afterwards, as Mario tossed it aside when he was finished using it. In "Act II Part 6," the Darkness used what appeared to be the Black Widow Blade in his second battle with Wario, but he refused to explain how he obtained it.

In Season Four, it was revealed that the Darkness didn't use the Black Widow Blade in his second battle with Wario, but actually a copy of the weapon that he created himself. He claimed that his copy not only mimicked the Black Widow Blade's power, but also surpassed it.

In Season Five, Decious used a beam sword that resembled the Black Widow Blade, but it is unknown whether this was the original or a copy that Decious created himself.


Decious battling the Darkness with the Black Widow Blade

In the series finale, Decious used this beam sword against the Darkness' supposedly stronger copy. After the battle ended with the deaths of both fighters, it was initially unknown what happened to either of the two sabers. Later on, in the series "The Plumber Knight Returns", Darkness uses the Black Widow Blade in episode 10 of the series. When he was sealed away inside of the Truth Stone the blade was left behind and taken by a mysterious time traveler, later revealed to be Omega.

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