Bay of Darkness
Leader: The Darkness
Members: Ken
Captain Morgan
General (formerly)
Status: Disbanded
The Darkness: "Ganondorf has legions of ninjas at his disposal. I told you to build me an army to counter them."
General: "Yes, right this way. As you can see, my lord, they are all prepped and ready for battle."
The Darkness: "Good work, General."
— The Darkness getting the General to form an army to counter the ninjas

The Bay of Darkness is an army, formed by the Darkness. It consists of Ken, the General, and several pirates, including their leader Morgan and his loyal partner Pirate Crunch.

The Darkness formed this group to battle the Legion of Villains should Mario and his friends fail.

In "An Unexpected? Proposal," the Darkness makes a deal with the Mushroom Force to work together to defeat Ganon. The decision was made by Luigi and Wario in "The Business Man and The Ape." This means that the two teams are working together to kill Ganon together. Afterwards, the General is dismissed by the Darkness prior to the battle.


The Darkness told Mario in the forest that Ganon would be traveling to the Real World. The Darkness decided to let Mario and his best friends deal with him, but he formed an army to defeat Ganon should Mario fail.


  • Pirates were added to combat the ninjas, which is a reference to the popular Internet question of "Pirates VS. Ninjas."
  • In the original plans for Season Five, a character named Beverly was supposed to be the right hand of the Darkness' army, allegedly having a crush on the Darkness (similar to Harley Quinn's affection towards the Joker in the Batman franchise). However, as Rich Alvarez changed the season, she didn't fit the new season; so she was replaced by the General. It is currently unknown who Alvarez had in mind to portray this character.
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