Stupid Mario Brothers
Season Extra, Episode 2 of Ash and Brock
Ash and Brock 2
Air date October 20, 2008
Written by Rich Alvarez
Directed by Rich Alvarez
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"Ash and Brock 2" is the sequel to the original Ash and Brock video, a spin-off of Stupid Mario Brothers.


Ash and Brock are invited to Gary's House to hang out, but they don't know why seeing as he hates them.


Gary's house

Gary gives the two a tour around his house.

Ash and Brock are invited over to Gary's House to hang out with him, even though Gary hates them both. The two question this as they are heading down his driveway (Brock stating he is only going to show off his Geodude).

They walk up to his front door, but Gary pops out of it before either of them even get there. Upon Ash's asking, Gary reveals that he only invited them over to show off his house and brag about how better it is than their houses.

Gary gives them a tour of the house, but, afterward, Ash questions the purpose of doing so, to which Gary replies by saying, "Because it's better than yours!" Brock then states that he has a story to tell, and they head into the living room to tell it (with Gary cramming himself between Ash and Brock on the couch). Brock tells his story, but Gary is bored by it, then tells his own story, but Ash is bored and wants to watch a movie. He and Brock suggest various Pokemon movies, but Gary has them watch Kill Bill.


The three watch Kill Bill.

Gary loves the movie, but Ash and Brock are bored by it. They try to leave, but Gary stops them, and decides to show them his pool. Ash then has an idea, and whispers his plan to Brock. As they two giggle about their plan, Gary becomes suspicious. Ash tells Gary they saw something "more awesome" then him on the deep end of the pool. However, when he goes to investigate, Ash and Brock push him into the pool. As the two laugh at him and leave, Gary vows revenge.





Production NotesEdit

Series ContinuityEdit

  • Gary Oak is introduced.


  • In this episode, Brock is about to push Gary's head back into the pool but Gary's head was still out of the pool.
  • Brock asking where Kill Bill's "free Pokemon collectors' card" is is a reference to Pokemon 3.
  • The video states that during the season, Julian will play Snake and not Gary. However, he ends up playing Gary during Episode 45.


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