Located: Real World
Residents: Mario
First Appearance: Stupid Mario Brothers: The Movie

The Afterlife made a short appearance in "Act II Part 3" of Stupid Mario Brothers: The Movie.



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Stupid Mario Brothers: The MovieEdit

After Mario is killed by the Darkness, he arrives in the Afterlife. There, he meets Link, who was also killed by the Darkness earlier. Link informs Mario that he isn't completely dead and needs a little boost to revive. Then Link hands him the Artifact, which turns him into Fire Mario and brings him back to Earth.

In "Act II Part 5," Link returns to Earth after being revived by Merlin.


  • The Afterlife was created by the use of a green screen which Rich Alvarez bought especially for the film, but they decided to use it for YouTube News as well for a short time. It was also used to create the Dark Realm in Season Five and Luigi's nightmare in the movie. In Stupid Mario: Legacy, it was used to film scenes with the Darkness inside Mario's head.
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