Stupid Mario Brothers - The Movie Act II - Part 7

Stupid Mario Brothers - The Movie Act II - Part 7

Stupid Mario Brothers
Season Movie, Episode 11
Last Scene
Air date February 14th, 2010
Written by Rich Alvarez
Directed by Rich Alvarez
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Act II Part 6
(End of the Movie)

Act II Resolution


The finale opens with Solid Snake and Ness, who are wondering what they will do next. Ness says he will probably go back home, and Snake remembers he promised Otacon he'd go to DisneyLand. Ness remarks that it sounds lame. Snake exasperatedly agrees. Ness then makes a suggestion, saying he senses new adventure for them nearby and asks Snake if he wants to check it out. Solid Snake agrees and says, "Operation: Blindstorm commencing!".

Mario, Luigi, and Wario are hanging out by the mailbox after the death of the Darkness. Mario says they've come a long way from when they first left the Mushroom Kingdom. Luigi agrees, saying he's learned a lot. But then Mario says he's not ready to go back yet, as there is still a lot of things he wants to do. Wario agrees, saying they should give the Real World one last go, as they have the rest of their lives to see the Mushroom Kingdom. Luigi also concurs, saying that King Bowser can wait, then asks Mario what he wants to do now. In response, Mario says he has no idea. Wario suggests they play video games, but Luigi reminds him that they always play video games. Then Mario says they're on the next great adventure; their future, and how they make it. The movie then ends with Mario saying, "I don't know what lies ahead, but I'm positive we can overcome anything."

The film ends with credit and a list of donators. Several of the donators listed are fake and are references to previous videos by Rich Alvarez and the crew.




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  • The total length of Act I and Act II put together, excluding the bloopers, was 143 minutes (2 hours and 23 minutes).

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